Functional & Integrative Medicine


Preventive medicine with physician-directed programs to provide vibrant health, longevity, and wellness

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Preconception Medicine

Infertility Treatments

Treatment for Thyroid Disorders

Sports Nutrition and Performance Optimization

Evaluation for and treatment of Food Allergies

Evaluation for and treatment of Digestive Conditions

Natural Treatments for ADHD

Evaluation for and treatment of Adrenal gland and Stress issues

Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases: including MS, ALS, Type-1 Diabetes, and more


What is Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine?

Anti-Aging Medicine is a medical specialty aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline. It is based on evidence and science.

Regenerative medicine optimizes the body’s own mechanisms of self-repair. It also adds proven, external treatments and technologies to assist the body in this repair. Examples of this include optimizing one’s hormones and optimizing our adult stem cells through exercise, glucose control, and insulin control.

Functional medicine takes an approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the bio-chemically unique aspects of each patient, then tailoring interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance. It seeks to find the source of dysfunction in one’s body and address it to lead to better functioning.

We feel these specialty areas of medicine offer the ability to better address our patients healthcare needs. We focus on a more personalized-approach and view the body as a whole rather than an isolated constellation of symptoms and systems. We are always looking to incorporate the best medical practices by blending traditional Western medicine with integrative medicine: using the latest lab testing and other diagnostic techniques, supplements, herbs, detoxification programs, drug therapy in certain cases, and more.

In order to focus as much of our time as possible on providing you the very best, personalized care, we do not bill insurances for our services. We do, however, offer receipts with the necessary codes for our services so you may submit them for possible reimbursement.